Welcome to Wholehearted Hiking

Hi! We’re Holly and Kathryn and we believe that you can work through the hard stuff and have fun at the same time and that is why we started Wholehearted Hiking.

red lake        Red Lake – Photo by Wholehearted Hiking

In a short amount of time, we have become fast friends soul sisters by sharing our stories, being honest and vulnerable, and having all the fun together. On or off trail, we seek to behave in the way Mother Nature has taught us. Show up, leave judgment behind, and see the beauty in everything.

laughingWholehearted Shenanigans

There’s a saying: You can’t pour from an empty cup. Cultivating self-love and emotional awareness is essential to having a full life. Our mission at Wholehearted Hiking is to inspire personal growth through outdoor activities because that is what fills up our personal cups.

Like so many, we deal with crippling anxiety and overwhelming depression. Mental health care is hard enough to obtain, often leaving us to self-diagnose, self-medicate, and numb out because we don’t know what else to do. Getting outside has been a revolution in our own personal mental health journey. Together we’ve learned about the benefits of obtaining new perspectives to find clarity and contentment in this scary world that we live in.

We don’t know exactly when it hit us (to go outside and let nature heal us) but we know it works for us and if we can help at least one person on their journey to a wholehearted life then we’ve succeeded.

In our perfect world we would have hiking trails in our backyard, but since it’s not, and we don’t, we created this space. We know how hard it can be to simply show up for yourself, so we’re here for you. We hope that through sharing our own honest experiences – the good AND the bad – you feel encouraged to do the same. Show up and share your story.  It matters.

We love honest stories about triumphs and failures beyond what the eye can see. We’re proud of you for summiting that mountain, but we want more. We want to know what you learned about yourself. How has that mountain changed your perspective? How do you feel before versus after that epic hike? No, seriously… tell us! We want your thoughts and stories! Email us or shoot us a message on Instagram. We’re excited to hear from you!


Holly & KathrynusTrail Selfie = Essential

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