Photo Blog: Lake Winnemucca via Carson Pass

Saturday, August 19th, inevitably known as the day that blew our goddamn minds.

This quickly became one of my all time favorite Tahoe-area hikes we’ve discovered this year. Between the well maintained  dog-friendly trail, gorgeous wildflowers, numerous lakes, and various options to extend your hike further – there’s something for everyone.  The sheer beauty of it all will take your breath away, or it might blow your goddamn minds.

We definitely didn’t forget to stop and smell the roses flowers. We were shocked the wildflowers were in bloom so late in the season. We spent a good chunk of our hike appreciating all these little beauties, capturing them in photographs and inhaling their sweet fragrance.


We loved that this trail intersects with the Pacific Crest Trail. We didn’t see any thru-hikers, but imagined what it would be like to hike the PCT.


There’s a deeper message here that we’ll discuss another time, but staying on the trail keeps these wild places WILD for future generations to enjoy.


One of my favorite things of this hike: trekking through microclimates on our way to the base of that mountain in the background. From dense forest, to lush wildflowers, to lakes, to the mountain. You experience everything while you’re here.


Ta-da! Lake Winnemucca! Nestled at the base of the mountain, this lake was cold as fuck! Needless to say, we didn’t go for a swim. Instead we decided to hike a bit further on the recommendation of another hiker.


See all that white stuff? IT’S SNOW! IN AUGUST! Last winter was a good one, in terms of snowfall, as you can see.


It seems wherever we go, we always make friends. We played fetch with other people’s dog, and spotted an adorable chipmunk that seemed to be flirting with us. Can you spot it in the photo below?



On our way back, we veered off to see a few more lakes and this stunning view:


Like what you see? Wanna check it out for yourself? We used AllTrails, check out the details for Lake Winnemucca from Carson Pass.


Happy exploring!



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