Nature and Nudity

Happy Friday everybody!  Let’s talk NAKED!  

independy trail

I’ve always preferred to be naked, but my own body shame kept me from taking my birthday suit out into the world.  Other than some nude sunbathing in my private backyard, I kept pretty covered up.  Over the past few years, via burlesque dance and general “self-love work” I’ve really come to love my naked body and have been happy to take her out onto a nature trail or two.


South Fork of the Yuba River 

What is the deal with our societal hang-ups with nudity?  Last I checked, we all had bodies.  Every single one of us human beings has a body, yet opinions differ when deciding how much of our body’s flesh should be shown and where. We come into this world butt naked and screaming and most people would agree that those first moments of life are beautiful.  But, if I go out to my local park and do the same….well, I don’t think “beautiful” would be the response. Ok, maaaybe sanctioned naked park screaming is a bit too much to ask for from society just yet!

I don’t have time to figure out why society gets so bajigity about butts and nipples.  I want to spend my time telling you all why you should be getting out into the sunshine and feeling the fresh air on your skin!  But I honestly can’t think of much to convince you other than, the fact that it is amazing, exciting, and the connection of earth and skin is rejuvenating. Don’t just take my word for it though. I took to Instagram and asked some of my favorite nudie booties to tell me what they love about getting nekkid in the woods.

First up is one of my friends and burlesque teachers @midtownmeow, a.k.a. Meowie Wowie.  I knew Meow was good people when I saw her posting amazing shots from my hometown nude beach in Grass Valley at the South Yuba River.  One of my favorite shots below, and I just love her caption, “Naked and wet, my favorite way to be.”  Me too, Meow. Me too.

Photo by @macrosheridan

Clearly here at Wholehearted Hiking, we like to talk deep but we also LOVE to play. That’s why I started following @Assventurer on Instagram.   With a bio line of “Some people travel for souvenirs, I travel for epic ass shots” how can you go wrong.  Butts are everything. 
assventurer2I got the origin story of Assventurer: “I would say it all started at Brandywine Falls near Whistler as a joke.  Then it became a thing I’d do, then it became a hobby, and now it is planning assventures with friends!”

Be warned friends, nudity is highly addictive as we can see. “As for being naked in nature, it’s fun and exhilarating clothed, and even better naked.  Some of my shy friends ask what if someone sees me naked and I reply ‘so what?!’ and my other friends join me now.”  

The friends that take butt selfies together stay together – trust me, I know.

Another friend I reached out to was burlesque dancer and nude model @_oddlyaudrey, or Audrey Von Price as those know her on the burly stage.  This woman is a force of nature all her own. As we’ve become IG friends I’ve come to know her as fiercely free and wildly beautiful.  If you like nature and erotic art spend some time on her page. Her thoughts and feels on naked nature escapades: “There’s nothing quite like it.  For me, it’s therapeutic.  It’s always a little exhilarating, probably the exhibitionist in me, and then all at once, it becomes a comfort.  There’s a strange vibration – connection – to everything and everyone. Ultimately, I feel free.” Chills.

Photo by @colbkeats


Am I convincing you to go play in the woods with your goodies out yet?  If not, this should.

Last up, one of my absolute favorite accounts is @Ektoparasit. The photography is so freeing.  When I look through this account and see the beautiful locations and a bare body – what’s not to like?  When I asked why naked in nature:

“I’m naked outdoors because it is kind of normal for me.  I just undress to feel the sun/rain/wind/snow/or whatever is there waiting for me on my skin.  No boundaries, no clothes that keep parts of myself from getting the full experience of the moment.”

Photo by @ektoparasit


“There is nothing better than to start walking in the dark and experience the world getting brighter and more colourful with every step you take up the mountain.  And of course greet the sun naked, even if it is fucking freezing.”


Are ya’ll stripping down about ready to walk out into the sun yet?!?!  Hiking to a private location is a good way to get started.  While I don’t mind being walked upon while I’m in my birthday suit, it is not always the best way to make other hikers feel comfortable.  I speak from experience when I tried to get a couple last minute naked selfies at this waterfall and a couple of hikers came up and looked quite surprised!

If secluded trails are still not the right fit you can look for a local topless pool,  clothing optional beach, or spa to test out your birthday suit in a crowd.  River Dippers is a local organization in Sacramento that maintains a list of places one can go to sunbathe and swim in the nude.  

The rules for being naked outdoors differ upon location. Do a bit of research and take your beautiful body out into the sunshine loves. You deserve it.  

If you like this post leave a comment about your favorite place to get naked and feel the wind on your buns.

Horsetail Falls

Love your body. It is the only one you have.  



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