Trail Tour – Mt. Tamalpais Hike

Hello, my wholehearted friends!  Back in mid-July, I did my first solo camping trip and hike on Mt. Tamalpais. I learned so much about myself on the trip, it was truly transformative and the hike was absolutely incredible.  More to come in future posts on the transformative effects of this trip and a campsite review, I promise!

For now, I want to share my trail tour!  I started from Bootjack Campground and made a 7-mile loop.  The treck took me down the Matt Davis trail to Stinson Beach and backup Dipsea and Steep Ravine (named for good reason–hello glutes!). You can also access almost the exact same trail from the Pantoll Campground taking the Dipsea Steep Ravine Matt Davis Loop. The hike was absolutely stunning. It was a warmish day, probably in the upper 70s so I drank a lot of water, used my GoGirl for the first time, and sweated buckets.

Matt Davis trail winds down the mountain going in and out of full sun and shade which was heavenly. Just when the sun becomes too much, you dip right into a tunnel of cool air. On the way up Dipsea is almost completely in the sun, but the majority of the return trip on Steep Ravine is covered by the tree canopy shade. Given the warm day, I was incredibly glad I had the shade going up Steep Ravine because it was steep! Lots of stairs, but so beautiful that you don’t mind.The hike took me about four hours at my own pace, which was sometimes very slow.  I found it challenging and exhilarating and I hope you enjoy my tour below!

Let’s go!!!!


Boot Jack Campground. I started my hike from here and made a big 7-mile loop.


Sweet little flowers were welcoming me to the trail.
03-matt davis-near-beginning
The beginning of Matt Davis trail and my first sight of the ocean for the day!!!
I loved this trail because of the tree tunnels.  They only got better from here.
This tree is probably gone now,  but was huge!  The heavy wet winter toppled a few trees in this area, but only this one made a cool arch.
I about died here – the bright blue water and sky, the green trees, and the dry fields.  The trail winds down right into the middle area of trees, but first another tree tunnel.
I have a thing for ferns, the bigger the better.  This is where they start to get nice and big!
Playing peek-a-boo with the ocean.
10-matt davis-wide-ocean-view
The colors! Shut up Mother Nature!
11-matt davis-stone-steps
One of many sets of stone steps.  I love them. The way the grasses pop up here and there feels magical.
This little waterfall makes a lot of noise and I loved listening to every second of it.
Oh, haaaay!  Last view of the ocean near the bottom of Matt Davis.
Almost to Stinson Beach!
Nearing the top of Dipsea….again, those colors tho.
Remember how I said I had a thing for ferns?  In heaven.
20-steep ravine
Wasn’t loving all the steps as much on the way up, but damn they are gorgeous. 
Suprise! A ladder.  It was actually really cool to climb up it!
Even found a welcome back Turkey at my site!

I hope you enjoyed the tour!  I’m excited to share my thoughts on solo hiking in a future post. Let me know in the comments, have you ever hiked alone? Why or why not?


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