Product Review: GoGirl

As women explorers who spend an ample amount of time in nature, it’s important for us to share when we find products specifically catered for us. That’s part of why we’re here. Today we review a product that changed the game (at least for us) when it comes to peeing. The GoGirl gives women the opportunity to pee standing up, like dudes. No more pee-ankles or finding a hidden spot to squat and do your business. It’s become an essential for us, so we’re breaking it down for you. 

WHAT IS IT? The GoGirl is described as a “female urination device” made of flexible medical grade silicone shaped like a funnel. 

HOW DO YOU USE IT? While standing, simply hold the GoGirl against your body, creating a seal. Then just aim and pee away. 

WHERE DO YOU GET IT? We’re starting to see them more and more in stores, but we got our GoGirl from Amazon

HOW MUCH IS IT? Prices vary, but expect to pay about $10.00 for the standard GoGirl with plastic pouch and holder. You have your choice between what they call lavender (it’s pink) and khaki. 

WHY DO WE NEED IT? If you enjoy squatting, and getting pee all over your shoes and ankles, you don’t. BUT – if you’re looking for a convenient and discrete way to pee while hiking,  or doing other things, GoGirl will be your best friend. 

There are other female urination devices on the market. GoGirl isn’t the first. We choose GoGirl for a few reasons: 1. It’s reusable. Simply wash it off between uses. 2. It’s compact. The flexible silicon makes it easy to fold up and store it away after each use. 3. Design. The integrated splash guard kept us dry and happy… most of the time. 

The key is to make sure it’s sealed ALL THE WAY AROUND. Sometimes it’s harder to do than it seems and the result is pee streaming down your leg. Both Kathryn and myself have had this happen to us. The instructions recommend “practicing” at home and I highly recommend this!! As simple to use as this little device is, it’s also a little awkward at first!  I didn’t follow the instructions and it resulted in a few failures – aka dreaded pee leg. We’ve found that the more you use it, the easier it becomes.

Despite our few failed attempts using the GoGirl, overall we absolutely love it and never hit the trails without it. I hope you’ve found this info helpful! 

Drop us a line and let us know your thoughts about the GoGirl! Happy peeing… I mean, adventuring! 


This is NOT a sponsored post. The opinions expressed here are our own. However, we aren’t above free stuff… 😉

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