November? More like Slovember…

Hello my hearts!  I am sitting on a plane on the way to Seattle for a burlesque convention (yes, it’s a thing). The sun is rising and it is taking my breath away. The pictures don’t do it justice.  It is absolutely beautiful and it makes me miss the trail.  [Lies, now I’m actually sitting in my hotel room at the end of the convention!]

In the last post I said I’d be back this week with a trail tour, but that was my crazy self typing.   I’m getting brain surgery next week, I’m traveling right this moment, and over the weekend I produced and performed in a show and I have a day job too.  I’m excited to relive Maggie’s Peaks with you, but it won’t be this month.

RoscoeI also have some sad news. Roscoe, Holly’s dog has crossed the doggy rainbow bridge. He had a short but incredible life for a dog with seizures and an abusive beginning at life.   Holly was able to give him a lot of love and care over their time together which makes the loss even more overwhelming.  If you’ve lost a pet, you just get it.  The silver lining of Roscoe’s passing is Holly and her husband have an opportunity to go on a fall backpacking trip around Catalina Island.   I’m not going to lie: I. AM.JEALOUS.


Life is hitting heavy right now, and we are going to slow down for the remainder of November. There are some wonderful things and hard things happening in life and we want experience it all, because it all provides a space for growth.

Get excited for exciting tales of brain surgery recovery, backpacking Catalina, and reliving a few more trails from our epic first summer here at wholehearted hiking.  We will still be posting on instagram and will back here next month. See you in December!